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Enterprise software integration

The hyperService Platform provides a different and simplified approach to software integration that is based on abstracting the functions of each software application as a universal, in-memory building block at the lowest level of the stack. These in-memory building blocks are then graphically connected together to flow data from one application to another while easily applying the required integration logic in a homogenous environment.

The software integration capability of the hyperService Platform transparently spans the boundaries of cloud and on-premise applications. Since hyperServices are location-transparent units of functionality, the hyperService Virtual Machine (SVM) can transparently integrate the on-premise application functionality to SaaS and Cloud applications while embedding all the functionality of an ESB.

The hyperService Platform can equally virtualize Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) to unify IT and OT at a functional level. The ability to unify IT and OT has significant implications in the area of Smart Grid Integration and in general the software integration of Industrial Control Systems with Enterprise Applications.