hyperServices & Enterprise SOA

The 21st century enterprise faces a host of permanent business challenges — remaining competitive in global markets; integrating new business units acquired via M&A; regulatory compliance management; and the timely, agile introduction of new products or services to always-on markets. To master each and every one of these challenges, it is critical that enterprise IT leadership reach new levels of integration and intelligent information flow across application silos.

Over the past decade, enterprise IT increasingly invested in SOA (Services-Oriented-Architecture) technologies as the tip of the spear of cross-silo integration and enhanced business responsiveness. Nevertheless, analyst reports indicate that C-level executives have not seen the expected ROI in terms of service re-usability, composite application development, and the close alignment of IT and business unit leadership needed to drive enhanced agility across the enterprise. To many, SOA itself has become a ‘bad word’ — creating negative connotations for a vision that has yet to live up to its promise.

To close the SOA ROI gap, and capitalize on the promise of your existing investments in cross-silo integration, IT and business leadership are increasingly turning to the NextAxiom hyperService Platform. NextAxiom delivers self-evident information agility through our proven ability to rapidly enable cross-silo integration, quantum re-usability and new composite services that drive killer user experiences. Our hyperService Studio breaks new ground in visual, semantic development of business critical web services, while our hyperService Runtime Environment powers location-independent, ram-resident, ultra-fast service delivery for your cloud and mobile initiatives. And with our innovative ‘metered’ pricing model, your organization’s ROI on your SOA and web services investment is guaranteed.

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