hyperServices & Enterprise Mobility

The mobile smartphone and tablet adoption waves have profoundly impacted the enterprise, enabling higher degrees of workforce collaboration and productivity. Additionally, enterprise mobile apps are providing a new channel of customer interaction beyond the website. And with HTML5, industry standards have now emerged to drive a new generation of consistent, unified user experiences across a wide range of device types and vendors, from Apple to Google and beyond.

What's been missing from the enterprise mobility build-out is a way to quickly and cost-effectively enable the back-end integration necessary to deliver rich composite app services through your devices of choice. That's why enterprise innovators turn to NextAxiom's hyperService Platform to power the kind of intelligent information flow required by business-critical, always-on mobile apps.

With NextAxiom, mobile enterprise developers can focus on their user experience of choice, confident in the knowledge that our information agility platform can enable the rapid assembly of enterprise web services and location-transparent legacy functionality to support that user experience. And with NextAxiom's metered model, you can avoid budget-busting new investments in infrastructure, and deliver intelligent information flow to your mobile devices (and enterprise app store) on demand.

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