NextAxiom hyperService® Runtime Environment

The hyperService Runtime Environment (SRE) is the heavy-lifting engine of the hyperServiceĀ® Platform. It provides an automated execution and instrumentation environment for metadata-driven composite and atomic hyperServices. The basic units of work in the NextAxiom SRE are memory-resident hyperServices that are automatically executed and managed by the NextAxiom hyperServiceĀ® Virtual Machine (SVM), the core component of the SRE. At runtime, all SRE hyperServices, stored as XML metadata, are automatically created and executed by the SVM without code generation. In addition SVM provides comprehensive, in-memory middleware functionality that otherwise would require disparate stacks of middleware servers and tools. The SRE is multi-tenant and automatically meters all running hyperServices, providing a simple and elegant solution for addressing the ongoing challenge of connecting disparate enterprise silos and IT assets. The NextAxiom SRE provides the foundation for creating and powering cloud, enterprise mobility, SaaS, Smart Grid, and other cross-application, cross-data center solutions. The SRE is platform-independent and can be installed on, or embedded within, all major server environments, including both on-premise and in the cloud.

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