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Assessor Mass Maintenance

This Productivity Pack provides a simple user interface for authorized users to quickly and without error, display a user specified list of work order tasks. The user can selectifivly apply changes to the Task Planner, Task Status; Reason, and Assessing WO Package Level attributes for multiple Work Orders.

Access to the Assessor Mass Maintenance program is through the Productivity Pack menu application. On launch users enter their Passport/Asset Suite username and password. The user is validated against a Passport/Asset Suite security profile. When the user successfully logs in their security profile is used to determine which Productivity Pack menu buttons are presented to the user.

When the logged in user has the correct profile a button will appear on the menu titled ‘Assessor Mass Maintenance. Selecting this button will launch the Assessor Batch Update program in the browser window.

The Assessor Mass Maintenance Interface is comprised of four (4) main sections;

1) Find Work Order Tasks panel – top left
2) New Values panel – top right
3) Work Order Tasks panel – center
4) Exit panel – bottom

Find Work Order Tasks panel

This panel located at the top-left provides the user a selection of fields that can be used in any combination. The Work Order Number and Tag Device fields allow the use of a ‘wildcard’ character, the percent sign (%), at the end of the text input string. For example, the string ‘0123%’ indicates finding all Work Order Numbers that begin with ‘0123’. The string ‘%0123%’ indicates finding all Work Order Numbers that contain ‘0123’ anywhere within the string.

The only requirement is that at least one field is selected. When the SEARCH button is pressed, all filter fields that have values are used to create a filter statement that is used to fetch records from Passport/Asset Suite that uniquely match each field in the filter. Any records found and returned are displayed in the Filtered Work Order Tasks panel.

New Values panel

This panel is where the user can enter a New Planner, New Task Status and New Work Order Package Level. There are also free form text fields for “return Reason” and “Assessor FLM Comments”.

The ‘New Values’ fields are independent of each other, so the user can enter any combination of values and the corresponding value in Passport/Asset Suite will be updated when the user presses the ‘UPDATE’ button. Blank fields are ignored. A ‘Return Reason’ is required when ‘RETURN’ is selected for the New Task Status. At least one change value must be selected for the Update program to run.

Work Order Tasks panel

The large Work Order Tasks panel displays the result of a search. On the left side is a ‘checkbox’ column where the user can select records for change. All other columns are read only including all the search fields. In the heading bar above the column heading are command buttons for selecting/deselecting/clearing the search results as follows;

Exit panel

The Exit panel is where the user exits the Assessor Mass Maintenance program and returns to the Productivity pack main menu panel.