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Asset Management and Scheduling Systems

Leading utility companies depend on sophisticated project management and work scheduling capabilities to keep enterprise assets operating at maximum reliability and efficiency. However, if your schedules are managed through paper-based, hard-coded or inflexible integrations, then you are far from reaching your potential in efficiency and compliance.
Whether planned or unplanned, routine or complex, Ventyx Asset Suite and Primavera P6 best-of-breed systems work to ensure your tasks are effectively planned and your activities are successfully completed. The real key is getting them to work together.

How these two systems interact will determine whether you can fully meet your day-to-day challenges:

The NextAxiom interface solution will have you answering in the affirmative to these and other business-critical questions. With NextAxiom, legacy application features are enhanced by providing a user friendly interface for data entry. Labor hours can be entered at the same time Work Orders are updated. Scheduling receives the data needed to schedule the work while at the same time payroll receives the hours expended by the technician. Additional cost savings are realized by having the technician make only one update.