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Condition Reporting

Condition Reporting is a critical component of any utilities facility. All too often, business processes and the associated software to support these processes are built around standalone or homegrown systems that may meet the immediate needs of the business but don't provide the necessary data integrity and streamlined business processes.

Working with experienced nuclear CAP individuals who have worked for high performing nuclear utilities including, Exelon, Constellation and Bruce Power, the NextAxiom Condition Reporting solution solves these issues and more by combining industry best practices, facility and regulatory policies with an intuitive interface tailored to match a facilities “ideal” corrective action processes and procedures. NextAxiom tightly integrates with a facilities asset management and document management systems, eliminating multiple independent databases and the complications of data synchronization. Our Software has been used to Trend Coded > 30,000 CRs and our consultants have lead or performed > 100 RCIs, ACEs, CCAs and have designed CAP front ends for two utilities.