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Settled Prices Interface (between POMAX and CommodityXL)

This interface facilitates the settlements and reconciliation process by extracting all necessary settled prices from POMAX and updating these prices into CommodityXL in a timely manner. This supports the realization of all Index priced trades in CommodityXL. This interface identifies and extract all relevant prices for a given date range from POMAX and feeds into the appropriate pricing quotes in CommodityXL. After a revaluation of the appropriate deals in CommodityXL has occurred, the settlements analysts is able to view, reconcile, and invoice the necessary deals that have newly cleared settled prices.

Settled Price Interface

The Settled Prices interface extracts settled prices from POMAX, for a given Time Series and date range, and sends those prices to CommodityXL as price quotes.

With the Settled Prices module, you can:

To add a Time Series, type in the Time Series Name and click Add. If the time series exists, it will be added. Otherwise an error is displayed.

The Maintain Scheduled Jobs - screen is used to define and modify scheduled Jobs.

The Edit (or Add) Scheduled Job - screen is used to define job criteria. The offset fields define the time offsets for the job in days.

Maintain Quote Mapping

Maintain Quote Mappings maintain a list of mappings between POMAX Time Series and CXL Pricing Quotes. Filter criteria can be applied to narrow the displayed list of mappings.