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Engineering Input Request

During plant and equipment operation it can become necessary to request engineering support regarding the repair or replacement of plant equipment. Ventyx – IAS provides the Engineering Change module to support this requirement. Providing input to the Engineering change module may be accomplished using two different methods. The Engineering Input Request can be used to initiate a request for engineering assistance or an Action Request may be used to initiate a request for engineering support. Required fields are identified with a red asterisks. The Triple A is routed automatically.

A calendar pop-up and pull down windows speed the entry of required information. Data entered into the Facility, Priority, Reason fields are validated against a predefined list of codes.

Reason Code examples:
Referenced Documents

Drawings that relate to assembly of equipment, electrical drawings or any other document that relates to the request for engineering services are referenced. Drawings and documents that are entered are grouped by “Type”. Pull-down lists are provided to speed selection. A wildcard search for documents is provided. Entering a % sign at the end of the number field and clicking the “Find” button will launch a search for a list of documents that reside in the document database. Selecting a document in the list and clicking the “Add” button will populate the “Added Documents” section. Clicking the “Submit” button completes the Engineering Input Request.