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Hazardous Material Request

An Express Interface provides the user with an intuitive method for requesting a new hazardous material data sheet. Extensive on screen search eliminates the need to navigate to a separate screen. Upon completion a new Action Request will be created and the user will be linked to e-mail.

After logging in the user is guided through the process to complete the required entries for a New Hazardous Materials Request. Items with a red asterisk or outline in red are required. The percent symbol (%) is used as a wildcard character in search criteria. Auto type complete speeds the data entry process for appropriate fields. Upon completion an Action Request is processed and a Triple A is automatically sent. Linked access to the Safetec MSDS Catalog site for Material Safety Data Sheets and a facilities electronic document management system (EDMS) is included.

Automatic User prompts for the lookup and entry of the Catalog ID for an existing product if the new hazardous material request is for a replacement product.