Mobile Work Package

The NextAxiom Mobile Work Package (MWP), improves workforce efficiency and productivity, enhances records management and significantly lowers operational costs. Plus it provides an “on demand” information capability to the craft, real-time task status updates and overall simplification of the work order management process.

Proven in production since March 2012 at the Department of Energy, Savannah River Site, MWP empowers Planners, Supervisors, First Line Managers, Shift Operations Managers and Craft personnel to vary the level of detail in the work package at the time of execution. By eliminating the paper from the work package process and replacing it with a mobile electronic media device such as a tablet, MWP provides a platform that promotes significant maintenance and work management improvement. The mobile device is fully self-contained, ensuring that craft personnel have all work package information needed to complete a task, on-line or off-line. Utilizing streamlined workflows, which provide instant access to asset management data and seamless integration with a facilities document management, scheduling and other information sources, results in the timely capture of complete and accurate data.

In addition, NextAxiom has available numerous task specific workflows for Work Management, including engineering, document, preventive maintenance request, condition reporting (CAP) and more. All can significantly help facilities achieve the best in functionality and end user experience by extending the full capabilities of asset management to a mobile workforce.

For additional information or to schedule a MWP demonstration please contact, click here or call 415-373-1890.