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Passport <-> Primavera Work Order Tasks

With over eighty Asset Suite integration points and eight for Primavera, this robust bi-directional interface provides multiple execution options

1) Scheduled - find and process all Active WO tasks
2) On-Demand - end-user finds and selects WO tasks to process
3) Event Based - changes to PP/P6 data triggers WO task download

The NextAxiom Work Order Scheduling Interface Solution includes a scheduler's workbench for on demand downloading of Work Order Tasks, diagnostic services for administrators; extensive logging and built-in reports. An optional Tag Out module expands solution coverage to the clearance, tag out and lockout processes.

Preview the Primavera Scheduling Video for an overview of the solution and some sample integration points:

 View a Case Study

On Demand Download

Using the scheduler’s workbench, schedulers can “Find” and “Select” Work Order Tasks for immediate download. Real time display includes; Activity Fields, Activity Codes and User Defined Fields. Extensive business rules can be readily added or changed to meet facility requirements. For example; Business rules make it easier for schedulers to isolate Work Order Task activities that have an active Material Request and help schedulers separate Outage work from Online work.

TagOut - Operator Daily Activities Schedule

Maintenance crews can see daily tasks in Asset Suite and Operators can look in Primavera to see their checklist activities.  This independent functionality can work with any Client that uses Primavera to schedule tag out.

Primavera Project Flip Over

– Improve productivity, accuracy and maintain integrity of online (day to day) project schedule. Automation logic accommodates the “flip over” of online projects as timeline boundaries change. It is scheduled to run automatically per facility and per user defined timeframe. Schedule adjustments overtime move activities to appropriate project.

Timeline Boundaries example:

Business logic checks and reports on activities with duplicates in other projects and activities that are already started. Duplicates and activities already started are not flipped. Auto generated e-mailed reports are user configured.

Project Flip Exception Report (EXCEL Format)


Out of Range Report

The Out of Range report flags all activities, by facility, where the start dates are not within a Primavera project time period.

Example of an Out of Range Report

Out of Sequence Activities Report

The Out of Sequence Activities Report examines the entire dependency chain and reports out of sequence activities. This is especially critical for outage management to ensure integrity and usability of the Primavera GANTT Chart. The Out of Sequence Activities report can be grouped by activity Code or user Defined field i.e. PEG Primary Equipment Group

Example of an Out of Sequence Activities Report

Outage Discrepancies Report

The outage (shutdown) number in PassPort/Asset Suite is verified for each activity in a Primavera Outage project. Any discrepancies between Primavera and PassPort/Asset Suite are reported.

Example of an Outage Discrepancies Report