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Generation Interface

The Generation interface extracts generation data from POMAX, for a given Time Series and date range, and sends it to CommodityXL.

The Generation module:

Maintaing Time Series

POMAX time series can be easily defined or modified. Currently defined series are displayed. Filtering and wildcard characters can be used to narrow the list.

Scheduled Load Generation Actuals

The Scheduled Load Generation Actuals is used to define a new job or select an existing job. Filter criteria is available to narrow the displayed list of defined jobs. Offset fields define the time offsets for the job in days.

Multiple existing jobs can be edited without exiting the Edit Scheduled Job dialog box.

Manual Load Generation Actuals

Manual Load Generation Actuals provides "on demand" extraction of a mapped time series and the automatic loading of the values into CommodityXL. Filter criteria using the percent wildcard character is available to narrow the list of choices

Load Generation Forecast

The Load Generation Forecast interface is used to specify a predefined excel spreadsheet load file and to select a specific worksheet from that file.

Row and column selection criteria isolate data in the file for use in the generation forecast.

Generation Mapping

Generation Mapping defines new mappings or maintains existing mappings between POMAX Time Series and CommodityXL Trade Numbers. Filter criteria is available to narrow the list of choices.