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ISO Charge Types (between POMAX and CommodityXL)

This interface facilitates the settlements and reconciliation process by extracting all necessary ISO charges from POMAX and insert/update these prices into CommodityXL. This supports the realization of all costs associated with ISO business in CommodityXL. This interface identifies and extracts all ISO charge values for a given date range from POMAX and feeds into the appropriate strategy costs in CommodityXL. This gives Settlements Analysts the ability to view, reconcile, and invoice the costs associated with doing business at the ISO.

ISO Charges

The ISO Charges interface extracts costs from POMAX, for a given Time Series and date range, and sends those costs to CommodityXL as cost quotes.

With the ISO Charges module, you can:

Maintain Time Series

The list of POMAX time series to be run are defined or modified. To add a Time Series, type in the Time Series Name and click Add. If the time series exists, it will be added. Otherwise an error is displayed. Currently defined series are displayed in the lower panel. The Time Series Filter and the percent (%) wildcard character can be used to narrow the list.

Process ISO Charges

ISO Charges are processed by selecting the desired Charge. Filters are used to narrow the list of choices. Multiple cost types can also be selected to narrow the list. Process date and currency type are user selectable. Processed Time Series details are displayed in the bottom panel.

ISO Charges Mapping

ISO Charges Mappings maintains a list of mappings between POMAX Time Series and CommodityXL ISO Charges.