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Retail Interface (between CSV files and CommodityXL)

This interface facilitates the proper valuation of retail deals within CommodityXL. It extracts all necessary retail load volumes from CSV files and inserts/updates these values into CommodityXL. The interface identifies and extracts volumes from multiple versions of retail CSV files. On-peak and Off-peak values are derived from this data and fed into the appropriate deals in CommodityXL. The business uses a front-end (GUI) interface for viewing, editing and/or reporting on the data.

OES Retail Interface

The OES Retail interface extracts retail prices from a predefined retail file, for a given Time Series and date range, and sends those prices to CommodityXL.

The OES Retail module:

Load Retail File

Loads retail file for one or more campaigns into CommodityXL.Upon loading the file into a temporary store, each row is checked for valid data. All valid rows of data are loaded. Invalid rows are not processed. Selected retail files are then sent to CommodityXL. Results are displayed summarizing the load and send operations.

Maintaining Campaign & Product Codes

The Maintaining Campaigns and Product Codes screen is used to add or remove campaigns; associate product codes with a specific campaign and modify trade dates.

Changes to the Trade Date for a Product Code are automatically up-dated in CommodityXL.