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Work Management

Work Management Productivity Packs for Passport/Asset Suite are of greatest interest to PM Coordinators, System Engineering, Maintenance, Assessors, Operations and Site Management.

Productivity Packs are configurable packaged workflows that can be tailored to meet a facilities precise need. Featuring role-specific views to simplify data input and training, an “Express Interface” provides users with intuitive, wizard-like screens that step them through the business process. Users are given new ways to access extensive, relevant information without having to page through multiple Asset Suite panels. Placement of fields on the screen that match facilities work flow logic provides a seamless flow that is easily followed and significantly reduces training time. They incorporate extensive search capabilities including type completion and wild card support.  In addition real time updates to database tables and multiple databases for processes indentified by a facility are fully supported. New functionality can be added without customization of Asset Suite or the database. Productivity Packs authenticate against Ventyx Asset Suite logins and call the native Ventyx application interface (API). They integrate out-of-the-box with Asset Suite logic and data layer to maintain complete application integrity. There are no intermediate databases or tables, ensuring that Asset Suite is the system of record.