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Work Report

This interface provides a seamless method for completing a Work Order Report. Prompts and guides on every screen insure that all data will be captured. Required fields are marked with a red asterisks and outlined in red. Instruction windows provide specific instruction for the data to be entered. Work Order Status validation, reported work hours for multiple craft persons, delay codes, use of calibrated tools, equipment tag number, UTC , Spares, Assessment Questions and more provide a robust and easy to use interface.

Work Report - Status  

Upon entering the Work Order Task and Crew-Facility requiring the work report, the system validates the Work Order to ensure it is in the correct status to create the Work Report.
When validated the Work Order Number, Task Number, Facility, Crew and Task Title are displayed. Additional information required to complete the Work Report is also displayed.  Work Order status fields in the lower block of the screen provide scheduling with the Status of the Work Order, Percent Complete and the estimated hours to complete the work. As Found Condition data will provide information to the reliability engineer.

Work Report – Delay Codes

Work delay information provides value to Work Control and Planning. Identifying the reason for the work delay and the length of the delay will provide valuable information that can be used for planning the scheduling of the same or similar work in the future and prevent the same delay from occurring. Delay codes are selected from a drop down menu. The Up/Down arrows are used to identify the hours impact. All delay Information is then displayed.

Work Report – Calibrated Tools

Some jobs require the use of a “Calibrated Tool”. For example; a torque wrench or an instrument used to calibrate plant equipment. Asset Suite/PassPort uses the Uniquely Tracked Commodity (UTC) feature to track tools and instruments that require testing on an established interval. When a calibrated instrument or tool has been issued to the Work Order to be used to perform the work it must be identified to record the length of time it was used. The craft person completing the Work Report will enter the UTC number and check the MT&E Used box and click the “Add” button. The tool or instrument will be added to the “Calibrated Tools” window.

Work Report – Reported Hours

This new functionality tracks employee(s) number(s) and recorded hours for all the workers involved with the Work Order Task. Labor hours expended to execute the work on the Work Order Task are recorded and can be migrated direct to the payroll system in “Real Time”.

Work Report – Preauthorized Work

Documenting Pre-Authorized Work (PAW) is recorded. Not all work requires (PAW).

Work Report — New UTC, Spare Parts

The Equipment Tag number is auto populated and the new Master Equipment List (MEL) UTC number is entered and validated. Manufacturer information for the MEL UTC is automatically populated. Catalog ID's are auto populated for spare parts UTC's. All prior Work Report notes are displayed read only and new notes can be added.

Work Report – Assessment Questions & Additional Information

Item details help improve processes and drive creation of Preventive Maintenance Change Request (PMCR), Document Change Request (DCR) “Action Requests” and Post Job Briefing documents as appropriate.