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Work Request

The Work Request is the primary method for entering a non routine equipment or plant deficiency. The Work Request is part of the Ventyx – IAS Work Management module. Once the Work Request has been completed by the originator it is automatically routed to an approver that will review the Work Request for accuracy, validity and duplication. After the Work Request is approved it is routed to “Planning” where it will become a “Task” on a Work Order.

A Work Request can be written against plant equipment, UTC or Name. Equipment details can be added via the field equipment tag or via a search of field equipment after entering some required data. When searching for equipmnet the % symbol is used as a “wild Card” . When the system code and equipment number are known they may also be entered for search capability. Current Work Request’s and discriptions are displayed to prevent the creation of a duplicate Work Request. The name field is usually used to write a text description of the deficiency when the Equipment or UTC is not found in the database.

A title must be entered for the Work Request and a Description of the identified deficiency. The text that is entered in the Description field will transfer to the Work Order when the Work Request is assembled into a Work Order. Information is only entered once enhancing Planner productivity. Upon submission a Work Request is created and number assigned in Asset Suite and automatically routed to the appropriate Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for review and approval.

View the video clip on Work Request.