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NextAxiom Referral Partners

For NextAxiom Referral Partners

NextAxiom seeks to build referral partner relationships with hosted cloud providers, consultants, regional VARs, and independent channel representatives around the world.

As the cloud, mobile and SaaS adoption waves gain momentum, enterprise IT organizations are increasingly turning to NextAxiom to bridge disparate IT silos and drive cross-application, cross-cloud solutions. This new wave of enterprise web services adoption represents an outstanding opportunity for your organization — an opportunity to capitalize on the proven NextAxiom success in mission critical industries (e.g. nuclear power) and acquire a new stream of incremental revenue for your business. Here's how it works.

When you become NextAxiom approved Referral Partner, any customer you refer to NextAxiom receives immediate discount and you will receive a commission of the platform fees resulting from the customer's Subscription Account

To contact a NextAxiom partner representative and learn more about NextAxiom’s innovative revenue-sharing and incentive model for Referral Partners, click here.