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For Solution Providers & SI's

The hyperServie Platform for Solution Providers & System Integrators

For system integrators and industry-specific solution providers seeking to improve overall project margins and time-to-solution, the NextAxiom hyperService Platform is a game-changer.

With NextAxiom hyperService Platform, you will be using a universal set of technical skills to incrementally develop new business services on top of any platform or application functionality with your unique domain expertise. In this way, you can capture your intellectual property in universal software building blocks, called hyperServices, and reuse them across clients, thereby increasing client satisfaction with fixed bid solutions and faster delivery. The reuse inherent in hyperServices allows you to improve your margins significantly.

The NextAxiom hyperServices Platform is available on either a traditional license model or through our breakthrough ‘metered’ pricing approach. With metered pricing, your solution development phase is practically free, and your customer only pays NextAxiom for solution runtime execution.

To contact a NextAxiom partner representative and learn more about NextAxiom’s innovative revenue-sharing model for solution providers and SI’s, click here.