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The hyperService Platform for Application Vendors & SaaS Providers

If you could bundle the most innovative and cost-effective integration platform representing tens of millions of dollars in proven R&D, how would you use that to your advantage?

Up to now, many on-premise and SaaS application vendors turn to 3rd party integrators to architect and engineer expensive point-to-point solutions. This approach slows down enterprise adoption of innovative ISV/SaaS applications while unnecessarily increasing dependency on outside resources to maintain these 'one-off' solutions.

By leveraging the power of the NextAxiom hyperService Platform to enable cross-cloud, cross-application real-time integration, ISVs can keep the initiative in their own hands and gain access to new streams of recurring revenue. Here’s how.

The NextAxiom Platform enables your client services team to easily create packaged hyperService Solutions between your application and installed base enterprise suites. For example, a SaaS-based provider of marketing automation and email campaign management software can create a hyperService Solution that connects their hosted app to an on-premise instance of CRM. These solutions can also be easily modified for future customer use through the visual development environment in NextAxiom hyperService Studio.

What's more, with the optional NextAxiom 'metered' usage and revenue sharing model application ISVs can develop and continuously enhance these packaged integration solutions for pennies on the dollar while participating in the customer's revenue stream with NextAxiom

To contact a NextAxiom partner representative and learn more about NextAxiom’s innovative revenue-sharing model for application developers and SaaS ISVs, click here.