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Powering the Digital Workforce

Transform the way all work is performed.

Transform your enterprise with Digitalized Work execution. Replace existing procedures with dynamic workflows, integrated forms, and guided instructions on a platform designed for continuous improvement. Achieve global awareness across all of your processes with granular visibility of current state and cycle times.

With NextAxiom’s code-free development and integration platform at the core, your digital workers and processes are connected to your enterprise systems in real time.

2022 Event:

Dynamic Work Execution Symposium — March 31st - April 1st

The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

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Dynamic Work Execution Symposium

March 31st and April 1st

Join NextAxiom as they host a Symposium at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Industry Peers share experiences including Computer Guided Procedures, Forms, and Workflows.
This Symposium is an opportunity to learn more about how innovative thought leaders are paving the way for the continued viability of nuclear power through work digitalization.
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Accelerate your digital initiatives with the

Dynamic Work Execution Platform

Create a seamless digital environment with the

hyperService® Platform


NextAxiom offers a range of training and professional services to assist customers and partners in designing, building, and implementing solutions to fit your business needs. All NextAxiom services are focused on helping you achieve the highest levels of agility, efficiency, and manageability for solutions whether it is for a departmental need or on a global scale.

Professional Services

We offer services such as Solutions Workshops, Mentoring Services, and Implementation Services

Instructor-Led Training

Traditional classroom-based training at varying skill levels


Validate your skills to deliver quality solutions based upon hyperService® technology

E-learning Videos

Computer based training from fundamentals, to built-in-functions, to integrating Web Services

Support Licenses

Per-Incident and Perpetual Support Licenses can be your ticket to success


Industries We Serve

Focused on the continuous process, compliance driven industries where safety and reliability are critical components of every day work

  • Energy, Utilities, and Natural Resources
    • Nuclear Generation
    • Conventional Generation
    • Gas and Electric Transmission
    • Gas and Electric Distribution
    • Renewables
    • Oil and Gas
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Mining and Metals
  • US Government
    • Department of Energy (DOE)
    • Cities and Municipalities
  • Education
  • Information Technology

News & Upcoming Events

April 12, 2022

NextAxiom Releases Dynamic Workflows to Significantly Improve Operational Efficiency for Nuclear Operators

Through this dynamic technology, nuclear plants realize reduced labor costs and time spent per process, enhanced data, predictive insights, automated and actionable intelligence, and more
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Everyone Matters Here

Reflect the globe

Diversity is our strength. Inclusivity is our culture. These are the guiding principles driving how we recruit employees, cultivate leaders and build a company that mirrors our audiences.

Commit to inclusion

We welcome everyone with open minds. We are committed to providing an accessible workplace where you can be yourself. If you need a reasonable accommodation to apply for a job, let us know.

Mix it up

Having fun at work isn't optional. We are committed to a fun and collaborative culture. We encourage employees to collaborate and suggest unexpected ways to make our offices a happy place to hang.

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About Us


NextAxiom®, founded in 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area, created the now proven hyperService® Platform that powers business critical software solutions for the world's largest enterprises, including the 'zero defect' environment for global nuclear utilities.

NextAxiom’s most recent innovation, the Dynamic Work Execution Platform (DWEP), is a transformative technology that changes the way work is performed throughout an organization. DWEP, a new horizontal product category in enterprise software, is built on the premise of digitalizing work itself. Digitalized Work™ is defined as computer-guided work that is fully integrated to enterprise systems. Think of it as an “avatar” with a built in “GPS” for work. It guides, tracks, and measures every step of work and equips the performer with relevant information and automated transactions. It creates a feedback loop for continuous improvement.

Virtually all work in an enterprise can become Digitalized Work™. With DWEP, our mission is to expedite digital transformation by changing the way all work is performed.

DWEP utilizes the hyperService® Platform as the foundation for data integration and transaction automation. The combined power of these two products enables organizations to digitalize their work and integrates employees with the enterprise systems as work is executed.

The hyperService® Platform creates a graphical abstraction layer that radically simplifies integration and software application development. It unlocks the functionality trapped in information silos for easy reuse with new user experiences such as enterprise mobility and powers DWEP’s transformational digitalization of work.


Ash Massoudi

CEO & Co-Founder

Ash is a proven entrepreneur and a software inventor with the vision to transform the way work is performed.

Sandy Zylka

EVP Products & Technology, Co-Founder

Sandy is a co-founder of NextAxiom and the co-inventor of NextAxiom's six patent-pending innovations. She has managed all aspects of the hyperService® Platform

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