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User Meeting 2023 | Activities

2023 User Group Activities

The following optional activities will be offered during the User Group Meeting

Welcome Reception

Top Golf

Top Golf features a high-tech golf game that everyone, even non-golfers, will enjoy. Each climate-controlled bay accommodates 6 people. Use complimentary clubs and take aim at the giant outfield targets with high-tech balls that score themselves.

There will be 3 hours of unlimited gameplay. Transportation, dinner, and beverages will be provided.

Introducing the

Dynamic Work
Execution Platform®

The DWEP accelerates digital transformation by guiding your existing work processes through computer-guided instructions and integrated forms driven by dynamic workflows on a platform designed for continuous improvement. Organizations achieve global awareness across all work processes with granular visibility of current state and cycle times of every instance of work executed and managed through DWEP.

The NextAxiom DWEP technology incrementally transforms the existing workforce across a large organization into a digital workforce. DWEP is the culmination of patent-pending NextAxiom technology with more than ten years of field experience in the nuclear industry focused on automating work processes. This is augmented by over seven years of human factors research around the Computer-Based Procedure (CBP) initiative from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and the US Department of Energy.

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