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Symposium 2022

Dynamic Work
Execution Symposium

March 31 - April 1

The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

(Welcome Reception from 6pm on March 30th)

Work execution is a key aspect of Digital Transformation.   We invite you to experience first hand the benefits, business justification, and lessons learned from companies who have actually implemented solutions like Dynamic Instructions (a.k.a., Computer Based Procedures) as a path towards Dynamic Work Execution across the entire enterprise.   This Symposium is an opportunity to learn more about how innovative thought leaders are paving the way for the continued viability of nuclear power through work digitalization.

This Symposium initiates a Special Interest Group (SIG) focused on Dynamic Work Execution which is intended to be managed by the Nuclear Industry Peers themselves. The charter of this SIG will be a forum to discuss and share business justifications, lessons learned and establish industry best practices for Work Digitalization.

Symposium Agenda

Business Cases | Lessons Learned | Future Directions

Industry Peers share experiences including Computer Guided Procedures, Forms, and Workflows

March 31st and April 1st
(Welcome Reception from 6pm on March 30th)
The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Download a PDF version of the agenda here

Wednesday, March 30th
18:00-19:30 Welcome Reception — Momofuku Restaurant, Double Dragon Room
PLEASE NOTE: Condesa 4 is upstairs on Floor 2
Thursday, March 31st
7:00 Breakfast & Registration Condesa 3
8:00 Welcome & Intro Condesa 4 John Manoogian (NxA)
8:15 Innovation and Digital Transformation for Sustainable Operations Condesa 4 Chuck Kharrl (Southern Nuclear)
9:00 End State and Business Case for Work Digitalization Condesa 4 Patrick Burke (Xcel Energy)
9:45 Break
10:15 Panel Discussion: Business Case for Work Digitalization Condesa 4 Moderator: Sean Lawrie (ScottMadden)
Adam Smith (LANL)
Dan Bierbauer (Southern)
Ken Chaffin (INL)
11:15 Implementation Experiences: NextEra Condesa 4 Ricardo Rivera (NextEra / FPL)
Lourdes Porro (NextEra / FPL)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 The Scope of Dynamic Work Digitalization and its Core Components for Work Digitalization Condesa 4 NextAxiom
14:30 Break
14:45 Implementation Experiences: Southern Nuclear Condesa 4 Dan Bierbrauer (Southern Nuclear)
15:25 Nuclear DWEP User Group Condesa 4 Dan Bierbrauer (Southern Nuclear)
15:30 Break
15:45 Panel Discussion: Implementation Approaches Condesa 4 Moderator: Blake Wiggins (NextAxiom)
Alewyn (Ontario Power Generation)
Johanna Oxstrand (INL)
Mitch Burke (NxA)
Mark Johnson (APS-PVGS, Retired)
16:30 Adjourn
17:30 Hosted Dinner Condesa 3
Friday, April 1st
7:00 Breakfast Condesa 3
8:00 Welcome & Safety Message Condesa 4
8:15 Transitioning from Paper-Centric to a Digitalized Paradigm Condesa 4 Dr. Bruce Hallbert, Ph.D (INL, LWRS)
9:15 Advanced Monitoring & Diagnostics and Work Digitalization Condesa 4 Clint Carter (USA)
10:15 Break
10:45 Work Digitalization Initiative - Providing a strategy for digital transformation Condesa 4 Johanna Oxstrand (INL)
11:45 NIRMA & PPA Announcements Condesa 4 Janice Hoerber (VP NIRMA, Ameren)
Linda Mar (PPA Chair, Energy Northwest)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Exploring ideas on next level capabilities for Work Digitalization Condesa 4 Interactive Session
13:45 Break
14:00 Complimentary Components for Work Digitalization Condesa 4 S. Jason Remer, P.E.
15:00 Panel Discussion: The Art of the Possible Condesa 4 Participants:
Jesse Rain (Xcel Energy)
Clint Carter (USA)
Denis Vigil (LANL)
Kevin Pace (INL)
16:00 Break
16:15 From EWP to EWP++ Condesa 4 Interactive Session
17:00 Adjourn
Saturday, April 2nd
Saturday SPECIAL EVENT (Limited availability)

NextAxiom is sponsoring a unique opportunity to drive a supercar on the speedway. This event has limited availability. Please contact John Manoogian (415-637-1580) if you are interested in reserving a seat behind the wheel.

For more information, visit

Symposium Hosted by


Powering the Digital Workforce

Introducing the

Dynamic Work
Execution Platform®

The DWEP accelerates digital transformation by guiding your existing work processes through computer-guided instructions and integrated forms driven by dynamic workflows on a platform designed for continuous improvement. Organizations achieve global awareness across all work processes with granular visibility of current state and cycle times of every instance of work executed and managed through DWEP.

The NextAxiom DWEP technology incrementally transforms the existing workforce across a large organization into a digital workforce. DWEP is the culmination of patent-pending NextAxiom technology with more than ten years of field experience in the nuclear industry focused on automating work processes. This is augmented by over seven years of human factors research around the Computer-Based Procedure (CBP) initiative from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and the US Department of Energy.

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