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NextAxiom® hyperService® Runtime Environment


The hyperService® Runtime Environment (SRE) is the heavy-lifting engine of the hyperService® Platform. It provides an automated execution and instrumentation environment for metadata-driven composite and atomic hyperServices®.

The basic units of work in the NextAxiom® SRE are memory-resident hyperServices® that are automatically executed and managed by the NextAxiom® hyperService® Virtual Machine (SVM), the core component of the SRE. At runtime, all SRE hyperServices®, stored as XML metadata, are automatically created and executed by the SVM without code generation.

In addition SVM provides comprehensive, in-memory middleware functionality that otherwise would require disparate stacks of middleware servers and tools. The SRE is multi-tenant and automatically meters all running hyperServices®, providing a simple and elegant solution for addressing the ongoing challenge of connecting disparate enterprise silos and IT assets

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