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Instructor-Led Training

Quick Start Seminar

The Quick Start Seminar is a fast-paced, three day course designed to introduce functional analysts and application developers to the hyperService® Platform environment. The course provides an overview of the capabilities of NextAxiom hyperService® Studio to create and connect the basic hyperService® building blocks as well as an architectural overview of the NextAxiom® SRE (Service Runtime Environment) and service plug-in framework.

hyperService® Fundamentals

Typically, the first recommended hands-on course, hyperService® Fundamentals explores the core features of the hyperService® Platform and provides the information needed to develop, deploy, and manage solutions created with the Platform. This five-day course provides hands-on training on the hyperService® Studio development environment as well as an architectural overview of the NextAxiom SRE (Service Runtime Environment) and service plug-in framework.

Advanced hyperService® Development

Once you have basic operating knowledge of the hyperService® Platform or have attended hyperService® Fundamentals training the next step in gaining proficiency is the Advanced Development course.

For five days, you will discover a number of expert techniques useful in developing sophisticated business applications. The Advanced Development course topics address advanced programming techniques as well as design patterns and best practices using advanced hyperService®Studio development and management tools.

The course covers mechanisms for using Shared Memory, Request Events, Transactional Support, External Events, Subscriber Programs, Reusable Data Containers, and building automated regression tests.

Service Plug-in Development

To help leverage existing software assets that are not service-enabled, hyperService® "plug-ins" can be created to transform business functions into atomic hyperServices®. This three day course explores techniques to extend the Service Runtime Environment (SRE) platform in-memory to existing legacy applications and external systems by plugging them into the NextAxiom SRE using the Service Plug-in SDK.

Wizard Plug-in Development

Development of Wizards to lead the hyperService® developers through a series of well-defined steps are useful for the more complex or infrequently performed tasks. In this three day course you will learn to extend the NextAxiom hyperService® Studio automation via the creation of custom Wizard plug-ins. Techniques to select and catalog new Wizards are covered in detail.

SRE Administration and Customization

This course is designed for administrators charged with installing, supporting and maintaining the hyperService® Platform. Issues relating to configuration and administration of the SRE will be covered including the service customization mechanisms to automate common SRE administrative tasks.

Custom Training

NextAxiom can design a custom training course to address the specific needs of a customer or partner organization. The courseware and training materials will be customized based upon the desired course topics. Training can take place on-site or via the Internet depending in the topic and needs.

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