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Enabling the Seamless Digital Enterprise

Founded in 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area, NextAxiom® created the now proven hyperService® platform that powers business critical software solutions for the world's largest enterprises, including the 'zero defect' environment for global nuclear utilities.

The NextAxiom® hyperService® Platform creates a graphical virtualization layer on top of an organization's IT software stack where functions from different business applications and systems (including middleware) look and combine as if they belonged to a single, location-transparent application running inside of a virtual machine.

This radically simplifies integration and software application development and unlocks the functionality trapped in information silos for easy reuse with new user experiences such as enterprise mobility.

Key Facts


Enable the silo-free Enterprise


Creation of the Seamless Digital Enterprise


San Francisco, CA, USA

Financial Status

Self-funded since inception with zero debt

Corporate Type

Delaware C-Corporation (Privately Held)

Date Incorporated

May 2000


Ash Massoudi
CEO & Co-Founder

Ash is a proven entrepreneur and a software inventor with the vision to incrementally unify all information technology assets unleashing a new wave of business automation.

Ash founded NextAxiom® Technology in May 2000 and led the creation of a patented software platform that significantly eases new software development on top of existing application functionality.

He played the pivotal role in successfully propelling NextAxiom® through the concept, R&D production, and customer acquisition stages into its current expansion phase.

Before co-founding NextAxiom®, as Director of Integration Technologies at PeopleSoft, Ash was responsible for delivering PeopleSoft's complete suite of integration technologies, including PeopleSoft's business components and near real-time application messaging solutions, which was deployed at over 4000 customers worldwide.

Ash also managed the assimilation of Advance Supply Chain Planning products within the PeopleSoft technology platform as a result of PeopleSoft's $275 Million dollar acquisition of Red Pepper Software.

Ash holds a B.A. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley and has been awarded the following ten U.S. Patents:
Patent No. 7,483,901 B1; 7,581,205 B1; 7,533,387 B1; 7,584,454 B1; 8,225,282 B1; 8,458,660 B1; 8,621,428 B2; 9,178,785 B1; 9,588,743 B2
Pending-Patent No. 62/676,197

Sandy Zylka
VP Products & Technology, Co-Founder

Sandy is a co-founder of NextAxiom® and the co-inventor of NextAxiom's six patent-pending innovations. She has managed all aspects of the hyperService® Platform

To stay current with customer needs, and help drive product roadmap decisions, Sandy participates in projects and workshops with NextAxiom customers that include: ABB, American Electric Power, Bruce Power, Basin Electric Coop, Duke Energy, EDF Energy, Entergy, Exelon, General Electric, Idaho National Lab, Los Alamos National Labe, Southern Company and Tri-State Generation.

Prior to NextAxiom®, Sandy served as Product Manager for PeopleSoft's Optimization Applications. She led an elite team of PhD's responsible for delivering PeopleSoft's Advanced Supply Chain Planning and Optimization products.

Prior to that, Sandy held positions as Principal Usability Architect and Senior Optimization Engineer for PeopleSoft. As Senior Supply Chain Consultant for Red Pepper Software, she led supply chain and integration workshops for companies such as Pepsi, Bausch & Lomb, HP, Analog Devices, and 3Com.

Sandy holds a B.A. in Neurobiology from the University of California at Berkeley and has been awarded the following six U.S. Patents:
Patent No. 7,483,901 B1; 8,225,282 B1; 8,458,660 B1; 8,621,428 B2; 9,588,743 B2
Pending-Patent No. 62/676,197.

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