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hyperService® Studio


The hyperService® Studio is a metadata-driven, silo-free programming environment. hyperServices® are universal programing building blocks that either virtualize and reuse existing application functionality (through atomic hyperServices) or define new application functionality (through composite hyperServices).

Programmers can create new composite hyperServices® by graphically snapping together atomic and other composite hyperServices® and adding new business logic using the comprehensive programming features within the hyperService® Studio.

The Studio supports many breakthrough capabilities for creating new mission-critical software solutions and cross-application, cross-cloud integrations without coding, scripting or code generation. Any user experience development tool can then call NextAxiom's hyperServices® out of the box as standards-based Web Services.

This simplified approach to the challenge of business component development and integration dramatically reduces software complexity, accelerates time-to-deployment, and enables an entirely new level of information agility for your critical cloud, enterprise mobility, SOA, and SaaS initiatives.

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