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Professional Certifications

Validate your skills to deliver quality solutions based upon the NextAxiom® technology. The NextAxiom® Certification Program is the foundation for success in your professional work as a key resource to your clients, colleagues, and organization.

Key benefits of becoming certified:

  • Recognition of your knowledge and proficiency
  • Validation of expertise and skills upon passing the exams
  • Designation as NextAxiom® Certified Professional
  • Delivery of quality projects faster with trained and certified team members

The NextAxiom® Certification Program establishes standards for knowledge and skills using the NextAxiom® platform to successfully implement mission-critical IT systems.

Available certifications include:

  • NextAxiom® Certified Developer
  • NextAxiom® Certified Senior Developer
  • NextAxiom® Certified Principal

Certification Process

  • Select the certification you would like to pursue. If you are unsure, click on each certification title, and read the descriptions.
  • Successfully complete the courseware and/or classes necessary for eligibility for your certification role.

Prepare for the test using the following resources:

  • Sample / Assessment test
  • NextAxiom® training and reference materials
  • Complete and pass the test
  • Be sure to keep the Examination Score Report provided upon test completion, as your record of taking the test.
  • Once you have completed your certification requirements, your certification will be awarded and a certificate will be issued.

Obtaining your certificate:

Once your certification is awarded, your certificate will be sent to you via e-mail. Please ensure that we have your current e-mail address on file by keeping your profile up to date.

NextAxiom® Test Retake Policy:

If a certification exam is not completed successfully on the first attempt, there is no waiting requirement before taking the test a second time. However, on subsequent attempts, candidates will not be permitted to take the same test more than twice within a 30-day period.

Your privacy is important to NextAxiom®:

Our privacy practices are designed to protect your personal information. Certification data is considered to be private, and is not released without authorization.

Name Change:

  • Legal documentation is required for a "name change" to be made to certification records. (Legal documentation could include a marriage license, etc.)

Personal identification numbers:

  • Personal ID numbers, such as your social security or social insurance number, should not be used as a candidate/testing ID. If you are using a personal ID, you may contact us at to change your candidate/testing ID.

Test Prices

The test pricing is currently $149 per test. The prices are updated annually on January 1st of each year.

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